How to Paint Patio Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas are designed to retain their color but few manage to survive more than a couple of summers without fading. Canvas umbrellas may be dyed, but those made of synthetic fibers can be painted to avoid wasting money buying a new umbrella. The umbrella shaft may also be revived with the timely application of paint or varnish to cover scuffed or chipped areas. Spray paints or lacquers save time and make the job easier.

Bring your old umbrella back to life by adding a coat of paint.

Step 1

Spread the old sheet onto your working surface to catch paint drips, remove the top of the umbrella and set it aside. Sand the shaft and spindles throroughly before applying the first coat of paint.

Step 2

Paint the underside of the umbrella first so you can continue painting the top without having to wait for the inside to dry. Allow the first coat to dry completely before applying a second. Let the second coat dry overnight.

Step 3

Decorate using stencils or utilize the masking tape to achieve a striped effect. Patterns look better when finished with a border. Remember the colors are likely to last longer if they are a lighter shade.

Step 4

Apply a second coat, taking care to place masking tape or stencils accurately. Overlapping will cause the pattern edges to look blurred. Allow to dry overnight. Spray with the sealant to provide extra protection against the elements.

Step 5

Place the umbrella in the shade for a day or two before exposing it to the hot sun.