Standard Size for Picnic Tables

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A-frame is the most common picnic table design.

Picnic tables come in all sorts of sizes. The traditional A-frame design with attached benches is usually made to seat either four or six people, while smaller-scale tables are produced for children. Octagonal and round tables are designed to seat up to eight adults.



Standard A-frame
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Standard-size A-frames use five to seven lengths of timber for the table top and two to three lengths for the seats. A standard table top height is about 30 inches while the height of the seat top should be about 16-18 inches.



Children’s picnic table
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Children's picnic tables are made to a smaller scale than regular A-frame tables. They usually feature four lengths of timber for the table top and two lengths for the seats. Typical dimensions for a child's picnic table are 33 inches long by 38 inches wide and 22 inches high.


Eight Seaters

Octagonal tables are good for larger groups.
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A newer design is the octagonal or round table with attached seating for up to eight. Table tops usually feature 10-12 lengths of timber or other building material while the benches commonly have three lengths. Typical dimensions for a circular table seating eight are 82 inches by 82 inches The seats are 30 inches high while the table is 44 inches high.



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