How to Macrame a Lawn Chair

Don't throw out that old lawn chair just because the seat and back webbing or canvas is torn or frayed. As long as the chair's frame is sturdy, an uncomplicated macramé treatment will bring the chair back to life. Hemp roping, found at hardware stores, can deliver an inexpensive seat and back, but the hemp is rough on bare skin and the chair will need seat and back cushions for comfort. Nylon cording gives the macramé a smoother finish.

credit: Zedcor Wholly Owned/ Images
You can use spooled rope to macrame a lawn chair.

Step 1

Remove all of the old lawn chair webbing or canvas with scissors.

Step 2

Unroll 6 feet of rope from its spool. Hold the end of the rope at the back left corner of the lawn chair seat at the chair frame. Wrap the rope under the seat, over the right frame edge and back to the rope end. Tie a secure double knot, using the spool end of the rope.

Step 3

Move the rope under and over the right chair frame edge again next to the first piece of wrapped rope, back to the left edge at the previous knot. Tie another double knot, using the spool end of the rope.

Step 4

Continue wrapping and knotting the rope at the left edge of the chair bottom, keeping all wrapped rope strands as close together as possible. Add additional pieces of rope by tying square knots to connect the rope ends.

Step 5

Wrap and knot the chair backing with the same technique, beginning at the top left corner of the chair back. Trim all excess rope ends with the scissors.

Linda Shepard

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