How to Make Concrete Bench Molds

Concrete is one of the most durable outdoor building materials that is available to builders and home owners alike. Because of its convenience and low maintenance properties, many people opt to use the building material to create outdoor furniture. Read more to learn how you can do the same.

Step 1

Design the shape of your concrete bench on butcher's paper. You will need three pieces, the sitting surface and two legs. A simple patter will involve a rectangle for the top of the bench and two squares for the legs. Draw the shapes for each of these parts on your butcher's paper to size. Use measuring tape and T-square for accuracy.

Step 2

Test the design. Cut out a mock up of the bench using plywood. If you are not able to form the size and shape that you expect, create a new template. Make the necessary adjustments according to the previous test.

Step 3

Cut out the paper template, and then tape it to the plywood. You can also use a temporary spray adhesive to bond the template. Next, cut out the pieces from your plywood. Sand down the inside of the mold pieces to allow for a better release during the de-molding process.

Step 4

Build the sides of the mold using plywood. The height of each side need to be about three to four inches long, depending on the size of the bench. This means the mold sides need to be about four to five inches tall. If you are working with a curved edge, it is best to use a dense foam, similar to what is used for water noodle pool toys, in order to create the sides. Attach the sides to the base molds, using wood glue and nails. Use a clamp to lock the joints and provide extra support while the glue dries.

Step 5

Apply a thin line of silicone around the inside edges of your mold to round them off. This will make the finished concrete bench safer. Use a grouting tool to smooth out the silicone and remove excess debris. Allow the silicone to dry before pouring the cement.

Renae De Leon

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