How to Clean Ashley Furniture

Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. makes a wide variety of bedroom, living room and dining room furniture. Each piece of furniture has its own cleaning instructions in the form of codes found on a tag under a seat cushion or on the bottom panel of the piece. While some Ashley furniture can be spot-cleaned, other pieces may have covers that can be dry-cleaned only. There is an Ashley Millennium Leather Care Kit available for leather pieces. You can clean your Ashley furniture yourself, but the process you use will depend on the materials that make up the furniture.

Dry Cleaning and Solvents -- Large Stains

Step 1

Remove any pillows and furniture covers with cleaning tags labeled "DC." Take them to a professional dry cleaner; these furniture accessories must be dry-cleaned by a professional dry-cleaning business.

Step 2

Remove any pillows and furniture covers with cleaning tags labeled "S," which means they can only be cleaned with dry-cleaning solvent.

Step 3

Pour a quarter-sized circle of dry-cleaning solvent onto a clean cloth. Do not soak the cloth.

Step 4

Gently wipe the affected furniture piece or accessory with the cloth. Add another small amount of dry-cleaning solvent to the cloth as needed for large areas, taking care not to saturate the furniture.

Step 5

Wipe the spot with a clean, damp cloth, and allow the furniture or accessory to air-dry. Replace any accessories on the furniture.


Step 6

Pour a quarter-sized circle of a spot cleaner such as upholstery shampoo, mild detergent, or mild dry-cleaning solvent onto a clean cloth to spot-clean furniture with cleaning tags labeled "SW" or "WS." Use only upholstery shampoo or mild detergent for furniture with a "W" cleaning tag.

Step 7

Rub only the affected area on the furniture with the spot cleaner and cloth; do not soak the furniture with spot cleaner. Wipe off any excess spot cleaner with a damp cloth.

Step 8

Allow the cleaned spot to air-dry, then brush up any piled material such as corduroy with an upholstery brush.

Step 9

Leave the covers on any pillows tagged "SW," "WS," or "W," and do not dry-clean them.

Millennium Leather Care Kit

Step 10

Use the Millennium Leather Care Kit on furniture labeled with an "E" or an "N." Apply a quarter-sized amount of the leather cleaner onto the included microfiber cloth.

Step 11

Rub the microfiber cloth in broad strokes over the leather furniture, ensuring that all the surface area is covered without saturating it.

Step 12

Wipe off any excess leather cleaner with a damp cloth, and allow the furniture to dry.

Step 13

Apply the leather conditioner to a clean microfiber cloth, always using a quarter-sized circle at a time.

Step 14

Work the leather conditioner into the leather, reaching into any corners and crevices. Wipe away any excess conditioner, and allow the furniture to dry.

Washing Machine

Step 15

Wash any furniture accessories labeled "Wash" in the washing machine separately with a mild detergent.

Step 16

Set the water temperature to "Cold," and the wash cycle to "Gentle." Do not use bleach.

Step 17

Tumble dry or line dry the furniture accessories. Do not wring or stretch them out of shape.

Vacuum Cleaner

Step 18

Attach the vacuum cleaner upholstery tool to your vacuum cleaner for any furniture with a cleaning label marked "X."

Step 19

Plug in the vacuum cleaner.

Step 20

Turn on the vacuum, and move the upholstery tool continuously over the furniture so it thoroughly cleans without snagging or marking any surface materials.

Step 21

Switch off the vacuum cleaner.

Step 22

Brush the upholstery with an upholstery brush to fluff up the pile and remove any vacuuming marks.