How Do I Fold Down My Ikea Futon?

Ikea stores offer almost everything needed to furnish or decorate a home. Ikea sells furniture for bedrooms, kitchens, offices, living rooms and bathrooms. An Ikea futon may be a good choice for someone who needs seating for a room that can be converted to an occasional sleeping area. The Ikea futon has a padded mattress that also acts as a seat back and cushion when folded up. Learn how to fold down your Ikea futon so you will be prepared the next time you have overnight guests.

Step 1

Grasp the front edge of the seat cushion.

Step 2

Rotate the seat cushion upward and slightly past the full, upright vertical position. Note that this will place the seat back in a horizontal position.

Step 3

Rotate the seat cushion downward to a horizontal position.