How to Break Into a Safe. If you lose the combination to your safe, you may consider breaking into it. Caper films allow you to observe burglars breaking into a safe. Though the believability of these safe cracking methods are often doubted. Use these tips to break into your safe or to prevent your safe from being broken into by burglars looking to make a profit.

Step 1

Locate information to determine exactly what type of safe you own. Breaking into a safe depends on the brand and the entry resistant safeguards. Organizations such as "Underwriters Laboratories" conduct tests on safes and rates them. The more time a safe takes to open the more resistant it is to burglars.

Step 2

Get the safe's blueprints. All safes are different. Made of several layers of material safes are designed to offer protection when someone attempts to use force to gain entry. Analyze a safe's weak points and construction to find the easiest route of entry.

Step 3

Pick the lock. Picking a lock allows you to retrieve the contents from a safe without doing any damage to it. Tools can be bought from the manufacture or ordinary hand tools can be used on a lower end safe.

Step 4

Use forced entry. To break into a safe, drilling is the most popular method of forced entry. Since safes are made from resistant materials such a concrete and metal this method uses a lot of physical force. Punching, torching and other methods of forced entry can be used with various results. Engineering drawings found online reveal the weaker areas where force can be applied.

Step 5

Put in the right combination. Open the safe by dialing every possible number combination. Track the numbers you have already tried, this process could take days. Auto dial machines that dial every possible combination of numbers may be available. These machines only work with a specific type of lock and must dial through thousands of combinations.