Metal Daybed Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • Allen wrench set (or)

  • Screwdriver (manufacturer specific)

  • Crescent wrench

Daybeds are a special type of bed that can be used for sitting or sleeping. They typically have three enclosed sides, with the fourth side open. The sides and back are raised, so that the daybed looks like a couch when not in use. Daybeds are made from metal or wood and come in many different colors, styles and designs to match almost any motif in a room. One major advantage to having a daybed is that they are smaller than traditional beds, and may be used as sitting furniture rather than just for bedtime use. Assembly of these multi-purpose furniture pieces is usually very easy, and may be accomplished in just a few minutes.

Step 1

Attach the two metal side frames of the bed to the back frame of the daybed by using four frame bolts (Allen bolts in most cases) that typically come with the daybed. Make sure the four holes located in the back component are positioned neatly with the two holes on each of the two side pieces. No washers are used with the back frame.

Step 2

Turn each of the mounting bolts clockwise to tighten them. Do not over tighten, or you risk damaging the bed frame. Once all four bolts have been tightened, adjust the bed frame sides so that the bed is shaped like a perfect rectangle. This is accomplished by sliding the side pieces in or out until both bed sides are parallel to each other.

Step 3

Attach the front rail to the assembled unit using two rail mounting bolts, two flat-spring washers and two flat washers. The front rail has two mounting holes on each end, which align with two mounting holes on each of the side frame components. Once the holes are properly aligned, insert a bolt into each of the four holes. Each bolt should have a flat-spring washer on it and a flat washer on it prior to insertion into the hole, with the spring-washer going onto the bolt first. Secure the bolts in a clockwise direction using an Allen wrench.

Step 4

Place the support slats onto assembled unit, so that they are evenly spaced the length of the daybed. Slats lay on the bed frame on one side, and the front rail on the other. Once in place, secure each slat with two slat bolts and two nuts. The slats have holes on either end which align with holes on the bed frame and front rail. Turn the slat bolts clockwise to tighten them using a small Allen wrench and crescent wrench. Daybed assembly is now complete.


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