How to Make a 2-Way Mirror

You can construct a simple two-way mirror using the same techniques used to provide privacy or protection from sun and ultraviolet rays in the window glass of automobiles. When positioned over a wall opening the mirror may be used to view activity in an adjacent room. This can be useful when monitoring activity in a storefront from an office area, or to hide a surveillance camera as part of a home security system. Two-way mirrors are often used to monitor and control shoplifting activities where shoplifting is a prevalent occurrence.

Step 1

Remove glass from picture frame and remove all labels and clean thoroughly with commercial window cleaner. Allow glass to dry completely and wipe any residue from glass using a clean, lint-free cloth.

Step 2

Unroll and cut to size one strip of reflective glass film 18" X 24," being careful to avoid creases or wrinkles in film. (See Resources.)

Step 3

Carefully place self- adhering reflective film over glass and smooth into place using a rubber squeegee to remove any wrinkles or creases.

Step 4

Replace glass in frame with reflective side out. Do not replace glass cardboard or fiber backing in frame.

Step 5

Hang mirror in front of a small through-wall opening, such as the former location of a medicine cabinet or a through-wall book shelf. If no such opening exists, cut an opening smaller in size than the frame of the two-way viewing mirror, and hang the mirror over it.

Josh Weber

Josh Weber is a retired industrial engineer. He has called on his engineering experience to write how-to articles for Associated Content, Demand Stuios and a business publication, "The Oyster Pointer." He is a graduate of The Virginia Military Institute and has a B.A. in economics and history.