How to Build a Bed Frame Bench

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Things You'll Need

  • Twin bed frame and slats

  • 2 by 4 (if side rails are iron)

  • 3-inch wood screws

  • 2-inch wood screws

  • Measuring tape

  • Pencil

  • Jigsaw

  • Drill, small bit and screwdriver bit

  • Sander

  • Paint

  • Wood stain

  • Paintbrushes


If you do not have slats for the seat, use any recycled wood of your choice or purchase pine board.

Build a Bed Frame Bench

A bed frame bench is a clever trash-to-treasure idea that is a great weekend woodworking project. That old twin bed frame that your child has outgrown can be transformed into a wonderful furniture addition to her bedroom. Make one for an economical gift, for your porch or to sell at a craft show. You need only a small amount of woodworking knowledge--mainly, how to use a jigsaw and drill. Neither a jigsaw nor a drill is hard to use and need not be intimidating.

Step 1

Cut the foot board in half using the jigsaw. The two halves will be mirror images of each other.

Step 2

Stand the headboard up and set the foot board halves on each end, at a 90-degree angle, to create the arms of the bed frame bench.

Step 3

Drill a hole from the back of the headboard to the front where the top of the foot board touches. These pilot holes will prevent the bed frame from splitting when you attach the screws. Screw in a 3-inch wood screw through the pilot hole at the back of the headboard and into the foot board. Repeat the pilot hole and screw where the bottom of the foot board touches.

Step 4

Repeat Step 4 for the opposite side of the bench.

Step 5

Measure from the inside of the bench from one foot board to the other. Cut two seat rails from the side rails of the bed frame, using this measurement, or cut a 2 by 4. Mark the seat placement of the bed frame bench at 17 inches off the ground. Place one seat rail in between the sides of the bench at this measurement and flush with the front of the bed frame bench. Drill a pilot hole from the outside of the bench sides and into the end of the seat rail. Screw in a 3-inch wood screw through the pilot hole. Place the other seat rail in between the sides of the bench at the 17-inch mark and flush against the headboard. Drill a pilot hole and add wood screws as you did in the front.

Step 6

Measure the distance between the two seat rails and cut two more seat rails for the sides of the seat. Place a side seat rail between the front and back seat rails and against the sides of the bench. Drill a pilot hole through the outside of the front and back rails and into the ends of the side seat rails. Screw in 3-inch wood screws through the pilot holes to attach.

Step 7

Measure from the outside side edge of the seat rail frame. Cut the bed frame slats using this measurement. Cut as many as are needed to fill the seat from front to back. If you have an overhang, eliminate one slat and leave uniform spaces between the slats. Stain the slats with the stain color of your choice. Set the slats aside to dry.

Step 8

Paint the skeleton of the bed frame bench with the house paint of your choice. Repeat if necessary. Allow the paint to dry.

Step 9

Place the slats on the bed frame bench. Drill two pilot holes on each end of the slats and into the seat rails. Attach the boards using 2-inch wood screws.

Step 10

Sand the edges and sides of the bed frame bench to give it an aged look.

Cyndee Kromminga

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