How to Move a Spinet Piano

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Things You'll Need

  • Piano dolly

  • Thick moving pads or blankets

  • Painter's tape


Tune the piano once it is in its new location. No matter how gently you move the piano, it's likely to go out of tune during the move. Even moving a piano across a room, or from one room to another can cause it to go out of tune.


Drive slowly and carefully, avoiding large bumps and fast turns to avoid damage to the piano.

Keep your spinet piano in beautiful playing condition by taking proper precautions when moving it.

Fortunately, spinet pianos are smaller and lighter than most other types of pianos, making them easier to move. Unfortunately, they still weigh about 350 pounds, requiring a lot of muscle and care to move without damage. Because of their weight and size, moving a spinet piano is not a one-man job. You will need at least three assistants.


Step 1

Secure the top, keyboard cover and music holder by taping them in place with painter's tape. If you are concerned about the painter's tape damaging the piano, test an inconspicuous area first. Tape each piece to be secured in several places so that if one piece of tape comes undone, the others will still secure the piano parts.

Step 2

Lay a thick moving pad or heavy moving blanket on the piano dolly, folding it to keep any of the blanket or pad from dragging on the ground or getting caught under the wheels.

Step 3

Lift and tilt the piano, with two people on each end, and lay the piano on its back on the dolly. The piano will not be damaged by laying it on its back, but set it down gently, without jarring it. If another person is available, have him help keep the dolly steady while you are laying the piano down.


Step 4

Wheel the piano to the moving truck, being careful not to bump it against walls or door frames. You may need to manually lift the front set of wheels over any obstacles such as the threshold of a door or joints in pavement. Normally two people can roll the dolly, while others assist with opening doors, moving objects out of the way and helping to lift the dolly over obstacles like the threshold of a door.

Step 5

Lay a thick moving pad or heavy blanket on the floor or bed of the moving truck.

Step 6

Lift the piano straight up off the dolly, with two people at each end of the piano. If an extra person is available, have him stand inside the truck to help guide the piano in.


Step 7

Carry the piano to the edge of the truck, turned parallel to the truck bed, so that the piano can be set straight into the truck without tipping it too much.

Step 8

Lift the piano so that it is sitting upright inside the truck, with two people on each end.

Step 9

Push the piano against the side wall, or into the center of the bed, depending on the type of moving truck.

Step 10

Wrap the piano in moving pads or a blanket.


Step 11

Strap the piano in tightly so that it does not shift during transport.

Step 12

Repeat the process to remove the piano from the truck and place it in its destination.

Step 13

Remove the painter's tape immediately.


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