How to Replace Futon Mattress Stuffing

Futons provide small living spaces and guest rooms with a place to sleep and lounge with versatility. Sometimes the stuffing in a futon mattress isn't thick enough to suit your needs. Other times the stuffing wears down, becomes thin and needs replacement. Replacing futon mattress stuffing proves to be an easy task that doesn't take much time.

A super thin futon mattress in need of extra stuffing.

Step 1

Locate the zipper at the one of the sides of the futon mattress. All commercially manufactured futons feature zippered sides for ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Step 2

Fold the top layer of the futon's cover open wide to expose the stuffing inside.

Step 3

Remove the stuffing by either rolling it in one piece and pulling it out or piece by piece. Discard the old stuffing.

Step 4

Layer approximately 4 inches of cotton batting over the inside of the spread-out futon cover. Stuff more in if you want a firmer, thicker mattress. For a soft effect layer about 3 inches of goose down feathers over top the cotton batting.

Step 5

Place the top of the cover back over the exposed filling, and zip up the futon.

Chelsea Hoffman

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