Where Can I Dispose of My Trampoline?

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If you need to dispose of your trampoline, consider selling or giving it away.

All good things must come to an end. Sure, the trampoline was fun while it lasted, but now you have the task of getting rid of it. You have a number of options when it comes to disposing of your trampoline. Unless it is irreparable, someone else may be able to enjoy many hours of bouncing good fun. Disposing of your trampoline does not have to be difficult and can in fact be hassle-free.

Trade or Sell

You can advertise to sell your trampoline on a swapping website. You may find that someone has an item you would like to trade your trampoline for. Be sure to take several pictures of the trampoline and be honest about the condition to ensure a fair trade. Check the bouncing surface for rips and be sure all the grommets are in place. If the trampoline has been stored outdoors, check for rust. Rust can make metal brittle and could be a hazard if not properly repaired. If you are unable to drop the trampoline off for the trade or sale, indicate delivery is not available in the post.


If you are handy you may be able to redesign your trampoline frame into something useful. Trampoline frames can be redesigned to create beds and hammocks. The frame can also be used for a children's play area if the frame and stand are modified to sit directly on the ground.


You can dispose of your trampoline by taking it down to the local recycling plant. Contact the plant beforehand to find out how the item needs to be broken down. If the frame is metal, you may be able to receive cash or recycling credits. You also may be able to advertise the trampoline on a recycling website.

Give it Away

You may find another family who would be happy to take the trampoline off your hands. You can advertise in the free section in your local classified listings. If possible, include a picture and description of the trampoline. If you give the trampoline away, you do not have an obligation to deliver the item. Anyone truly interested will arrange to pick the trampoline up.

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