How to Put a Memory Foam Topper on a Sleep Number Bed

If your Sleep Number bed is not as soft as you would like it to be you don't have to buy a new mattress. Putting a memory foam topper over your mattress is an easy, quick fix that will increase the softness of the mattress. Sleep Number beds can be plush or pillowtop and allow users to adjust the sleeping surface of the bed with a remote control. Because these mattresses are costly, if you are dissatisfied with the softness of the mattress, adding a memory foam topper is cost-efficient option.

Step 1

Remove the pillows, covers, sheets and mattress covering from your bed. Using the remote control, flatten your Sleep Number bed to neutral so that dressing your bed will be easier and your mattress topper will be evenly placed.

Step 2

Remove packaging from the memory foam topper and unroll it so that it is flat.

Step 3

Spread the memory foam cover over your mattress so that it is aligned as evenly as you can get it.

Step 4

Wait for about 25 minutes. The packaging the memory foam topper was in has misshaped the foam, and the foam will spread out evenly in this time.

Step 5

Put your mattress cover on over the memory foam. This will help hold the memory foam in place. Make your bed as usual.

Step 6

Set your Sleep Number bed back to your preferred sleep number using the remote control.