How to Repair a Leak on a Select Comfort

Select Comfort is an American-based mattress manufacturer. The company's most popular product is its Sleep Number line. This is a family of air-filled mattresses, whose level of inflation can be controlled using a remote. If you find your Sleep Number mattress is leaking air, you should first test out the system to isolate the source of the leak. Then you'll need to contact the company for a replacement part and reconnect it to your mattress.


Diagnosing the Location of the Leak

Step 1

Test the system to determine where the leak is located. The Sleep Number user's guide lists possible locations, including the mattress' hose, O-ring, air chambers or firmness control system.

Step 2

Inspect the O-ring (the O-shaped ring on the mattress that surrounds the hole into which the air hose is inserted) and the air hose. Look for any noticeable cracks or other defects. Place your ear close to the parts and listen for a "hissing" sound that may suggest a leak. If you determine this is the source of your leak, contact Select Comfort's customer service line at 1-888-580-9237. If your mattress is less than two years old, you'll receive a replacement part for free; otherwise, your mattress has a limited warranty of up to 20 years, and you may be eligible for a discount (Reference 2). Skip to Section 2 to learn how to reconnect the new O-ring or air hose to the mattress.

Step 3

Check the firmness control system to make sure it is still running. A malfunction in this system will cause the mattress to lose air pressure. First, make sure the system is turned on. If the system has adequate power but is still not working, contact customer service at 1-888-580-9237 for repairs or a replacement. Skip to Section 2 for information on how to reinstall the repaired firmness control system.

Step 4

Run a diagnostic test on your mattress's air chamber. For a single-chamber bed, set the remote to your usual Sleep Number plus 15. Disconnect the mattress from the air hose and cap it (caps come with your purchase). Allow the mattress to remain untouched for 48 hours, then lay down on it to see how it feels. If it feels softer than your usual setting, you may have a problem with your air chamber. To test a dual-chamber bed, inflate both chambers to a Sleep Number setting of 100; then, press the "L" or "R" button followed by the "Up" arrow button to launch the system's diagnostic test (you'll know this has worked because you'll see the number "20" on the remote's display). Wait about 20 minutes until the diagnostic test has finished, then record the results. If the display reads "No" following this test, your air chambers are not leaking air. If the display reads "LL" (as in, "Loss Left") or "LR" (for "Loss Right"), then the air chamber indicated is leaking. Contact customer service for a replacement air chamber at 1-888-580-9237.

Reinstalling Your New or Repaired Part

Step 5

Reinstall an air chamber into your Select Comfort Sleep Number bed by first removing the mattress's foam pad and mattress cover (the cover will unzip; the pad can be lifted off the air chambers). Place the air chamber into the appropriate slot (left or right if you have a dual-chamber bed); the hose connector on the chamber should face the head of the bed. Insert the hose for the firmness control system into the chamber. Press the "Up" arrow on your remote to gradually increase the amount of air flowing into the chamber.

Step 6

Reinsert the air hose into the base of the mattress at the head of your bed. If you had the right hose replaced, slide it into the hole marked "R", for the left hose, slide it into the "L" hole. Reconnect it to the appropriate air chamber by inserting the hose into the chamber and gradually beginning the inflation process.

Step 7

Plug the firmness control system's power cord into a working electrical outlet. Connect the system to the hose (or hoses) by sliding them into the appropriate slot until they are tight and do not wiggle. Turn the unit on, and begin re-inflating the mattress.

Step 8

Place the new O-ring in the location where the damaged one was (the base of the head of the bed, where the air hose exited the mattress). Remove the air hose. Remove the adhesive backing from the O-ring and stick it into place. Hold it there for several minutes in order for it to adhere completely. Reinsert the air hose and re-inflate the mattress.