Platform Beds Vs. Box Springs

The platform or foundation of a bed is used to support the mattress. Typically this has been part of a system including boxs prings. It lifts the mattress, providing additional support. The platform bed is designed to be one unit or a "built-in" system. The platform can be a solid piece foundation or slats for the mattress to rest on. Both box spring and platform beds have different features that may be desired by the purchaser.

Platform or boxsprings require a firm base.

Platform Significance

Because a platform bed has the foundation already built in, a box spring is not necessary. The frame still provides support, however, there is no need to purchase a box spring. This provides a different design profile than traditional boxs pring beds.

Box Spring Significance

A mattress with a box spring as the support system typically uses more vertical space because the box spring is nearer the floor. This reduces storage space underneath the bed. This comparison has nothing to do with the quality of sleep for either box springs or platforms. The difference is an aesthetic and functional use of space.

Cost Comparison

A mattress system using a box spring has several cost components. It includes the mattress, box spring, a frame and the rails. It may also have additional costs for a headboard and footboard. According to Platform Beds, "the average box spring unit costs anywhere from $250 to $400 per foundation?"

Altrnately, a platform bed includes the rail, frame and foundation in one piece. It may also include the headboard as part of the package. When shopping, the entire system must be taken into consideration when researching total costs.


Platform beds are created to have a "lower profile," which has a contemporary style. Box spring beds typically have more height and can have higher headboards. This style makes for more elaborate designs, while the platform bed is typically presented for its sleeker lines and simplicity. Both styles are viable design concepts and it is usually more a matter of taste for the buyer.


According to Mattress Mart, the key to a mattress set that functions correctly is that the foundation should be firm and have a flat surface. Both box springs and platforms have the potential for issues. Box springs can allow the mattress to sag as their springs begin to weaken while platforms can loose their shape.

Choosing between a box spring or platform system appears to be a personal choice without any difference to the feel, support or comfort of the sleep experience. However, one consideration for buying a platform bed is the warranty. When buying a platform bed, verify that the mattress will be covered under warranty with the system you choose.