Pillow Top Mattress Complaints

When shopping for a mattress, you may be drawn to the quilted look and padding of a pillow top mattress. While it features a traditional innerspring mattress, it also has an extra top layer filled with down or foam for additional cushioning. The addition of this padding can make a pillow top mattress extremely comfortable, but homeowners who purchase one often come to realize that there are issues with this type of mattress. If you are looking at a pillow top mattress, consider some of the most common complaints before making your purchase.

Finding sheets to fit a pillow top mattress can be a challenge.


One of the biggest complaints about pillow top mattresses is the price. They are considerably more expensive than other mattress styles, such as traditional innerspring, foam or wrapped coil mattresses. Because they are not particularly durable, the cost of a pillow top mattress is often not worth it in the long run.


Pillow top mattresses that are made from lower density foams are prone to indentations. The lower quality foam compresses under the weight of a body and the shape becomes permanently impressed into the cushioned surface of the mattress. If an indentation forms in your mattress, it may sag as well. You may notice that you begin to slide into the grooves or find yourself rolling over uncomfortable lumps in the pillow top that disrupt your sleep. Once these issues develop, your mattress is often a lost cause. The pillow top is permanently sewn to the innerspring mattress below so you cannot replace the top portion without replacing the entire mattress.

Cannot Be Flipped

All mattresses can form indentations or uncomfortable lumps over time. However, flipping and rotating your mattress can extend its useful life. Because the top layer of a pillow top mattress is different from its reverse side, flipping the mattress does not do any good. There are some models that feature pillow tops on both sides, but these tend to be even more costly than a regular pillow top mattress.

Hard to Find Sheets

Because standard bed sheets do not fit a pillow top mattress, it can be difficult to find bedding that fits your mattress. The fluffy pillow top makes the mattress much higher and thicker than a traditional mattress. When you place regular sheets on it, they cannot stretch over the corners of the mattress. You must purchase deep pocket sheets that are designed to fit over the increased thickness. Because they are a specialized product, deep pocket sheets may only be available in limited colors and patterns.