Futons are a practical addition to any home. Because of their interchangeability from a sofa to a bed, the inclusion of a futon can transform a simple office or sitting room into a spare bedroom instantly. A variety of futons are on the market today. They range from thin to thick mattresses, from metal to wooden frames and from single to triple seating space. Futon consumers save money and room space by purchasing a sofa and bed all in one. Although stubborn at times, operating a futon isn't difficult.

Step 1

Stand facing the futon from the front. Get a strong grip on the movable piece of framing under the seating area.

Step 2

Pull the movable piece of framing towards your body until the futon lays out into a bed. It will catch into a groove for stability.

Step 3

Press the mattress down on both sides. Work out the curve that has occurred due to the upright sofa position.

Step 4

Return the futon to an upright sofa position after sleeping. Grip the movable framing from the backrest area of the futon. Pull out towards your body and straight up towards the ceiling.

Step 5

Allow the futon to slide into the desired groove. Give the movable framing piece under the seating area a push with your hands if it does not lock into place on its own.