What Is a Modular Sofa & Loveseat?

A modular sofa and loveseat is a combination piece of living room furniture. These pieces, just like other living room pieces, are suitable for an individual or family, based on several factors. A modular sofa and love seat takes up a lot of room and may not necessarily be right for your specific home's setup.

Modular Sofa and Loveseat

A modular sofa and loveseat combination is essentially a loveseat and full-size sofa joined together to form a right angle. The design gives people room to sit on two sofa cushions on each side of the fifth seat, which is positioned at the joint to form a right angle. The key to a modular sofa is the ability to interchange pieces and add length to either side. A modular unit contains several pieces placed together; it's similar to a sectional sofa. The corner piece that forms the right angle is used to join any of the unit's extensions. On a sofa and loveseat modular, the sofa section is longer than the loveseat, which traditionally seats two people.


The size of the modular sofa and loveseat can vary based on how many pieces you purchase. A modular sofa is ideal for someone who can benefit from the right-angled design, such as someone with a spacious living room. The owner can also expand and add pieces to the design. These factors will most likely influence your purchasing decision. A sectional sofa, despite looking similar to a modular, cannot have pieces added. Instead, it's designed as one piece that's joined together during instillation.


Like other sofas and loveseats, a modular sofa and loveseat combination can be purchased in a wide variety of fabrics. The most costly yet durable fabric is genuine leather. Leather is easily wiped down and cleaned and has a tendency to look new for years after your purchase. Another durable and easy to clean fabric is microfiber. This upholstery choice is spun from thin pieces of polyester which gives it a suede-like and soft feel.


You new modular sofa choice is an investment that should be preserved for as long as possible. The modular sofa and love seat's frame is the foundation of the design. A cheap frame will crack and render the furniture useless. Look for kiln-dried woods. Kiln drying removes the moisture from wood and strengthens the product. A good couch frame won't be stapled but rather will contain hardwood such as oak that's glued together and reinforced with screws or dowels. Avoid particle woods, which won't last as long.