Repairing the Ratcheting Mechanism in La-Z-Boy Recliners

La-Z-Boy produced chairs for customers since 1928. Best known for their recliners, the La-Z-Boy recliner has a patented pawl-and-ratchet assembly that allows the chair to move from an upright position to several degrees of a reclining position. The pawl, a horizontal bar with an end cap, and the ratchet, a metal piece with teeth that moves and holds the recliner in its position are held together with a screw and is spring-operated. In time, the ratchet's teeth become worn, and the chair no longer stays reclined. This problem is corrected by replacing the pawl and ratchet assembly.

Step 1

Turn the chair over so the base is accessible. If the chair's base is covered, carefully remove the staples in the cover with a flathead screwdriver.

Step 2

Locate the pawl-and-ratchet assembly. The assembly is on the same side as the lever or button used to recline the chair, usually on the right side.

Step 3

Use the flathead or Phillips screwdriver, whichever is appropriate, to remove the screws attaching the old pawl-and-ratchet assembly to the chair's frame.

Step 4

Attach the new pawl-and-ratchet assembly where the old assembly was located. Use the screws that were in the old assembly to attach the new pawl and ratchet.