How to Rid Leather Furniture of Pet Smells

Leather furniture is one of the most durable fabrics when you have kids and pets. It holds up well, and the natural way in which it ages is appealing. One of the big problems with leather is stains, mold and pet smells; these can get deep into the leather furniture and make it unpleasant to sit on. There are ways in which to eliminate odors from leather furniture safely.

Step 1

Purchase foaming saddle soap online or at a local equestrian store. The saddle soap is safe to use on your leather furniture, and the foaming type gets down deep where the odors hide and lifts them out. Odors remain embedded in leather when it is not cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis.

Step 2

Take the cushions off the chair and sofa if they are removable. If they are not you will have to get the foaming in between all the crevasses.

Step 3

Distribute the foaming saddle soap on the most troubled areas first, and allow it to set for several minutes. Using your cleansing cloth, apply pressure in a circular motion until the foam absorbs into the leather.

Step 4

Use a dry cleansing cloth to buff the areas you put the saddle soap on, you may need to reapply two or three times if the original odors were strong. If the cushions are removable or if the chair can be moved outside during the day, this can also help to air it out and greatly helps with odors.

Step 5

Treat the leather chair with the saddle soap at least once per week, especially if you have a dog that frequently lies on the chair. This will help keep the odor away.