A loveseat's size in relation to the room can be a decisive factor for choosing. The loveseat's short length can team well with a small apartment or dorm room, or coordinate with a full-size couch in a spacious living room. A loveseat's dimensions vary widely according to the designer. Carefully measuring what you need and what is available can help ensure the right fit for both the person and the space.


A full-size loveseat is like an extra-wide chair that seats two people. The arm-to-arm measurement can include lengths of 52 inches for a small standard, 58 inches for a medium, 64 inches for a full loveseat and 71 inches for a loveseat sofa. A depth of 38 inches and height of 36 inches are quite common.

The more compact twin-size loveseat sits one person and measures approximately 45 inches to 51 inches arm to arm with a depth and height of 28 inches.


Certain manufacturers sell optional padded arm wraps that add to the length and arm height. Sectional loveseats with only one arm can be set against the rest of a matching sofa for an extended look. A high-end console reclining loveseat can measure at least 70 inches arm to arm and approximately 40 inches deep and high.

Outdoor Loveseats

Loveseats designed for outdoors, such as patio spaces, often feature stronger and larger frames. Measurements can range from 50 inches to 66 inches arm to arm and at least 30 inches in depth and height. The sturdier and heavier frame almost anchors the loveseat to prevent movement during inclement weather.