How to Paint a Formica Table Top

Formica was the tabletop material of choice for decades, and its colorful durability still has many fans. Replacing the formica on a tabletop is beyond most casual do-it-yourselfers, but that doesn't mean that your stained and cracked table top is beyond help. New paint formulas and better bonding primers mean that you can have that old formica tabletop looking new again in no time.

How to Paint a Formica Table Top

Step 1

Clean the tabletop thoroughly with a strong cleanser.

Step 2

Rough up the surface a little with the fine sandpaper, and then wipe away any dust.

Step 3

Fill any cracks or chips with the wood filler.

Step 4

Sand the wood filler with the medium sandpaper until it is even with the tabletop. Finish it with the fine sandpaper until it is very smooth, then wipe away all dust.

Step 5

Cover the table's trim, if any, with painter's tape.

Step 6

Lay the drop cloth or newspaper beneath the table to protect the floor.

Step 7

Spray the Fusion plastic paint, or apply the formica paint, directly onto the formica.

Step 8

Let the first coat dry overnight, and then apply a second coat. Let this dry overnight as well.

Step 9

Carefully apply the non-yellowing sealer and let it dry for twenty-four hours before using the table.