Little Tikes Car Bed Assembly Instructions

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Visualizing the dream that many little boys and girls have of one day driving their very own cars, the Little Tikes company designed the car bed to boost their imaginations of the road as they fall asleep. Assembly is required to set up a car bed since it can be rather bulky to fit through doors or down narrow hallways.

Identifying the Parts

Open the box and sort the pieces to check that all parts are in the box. If not, call the company for instructions on how to obtain any missing parts. The instructions in the box display picture diagrams of how many of each screw, washer and cap is packaged with the car bed. The basic tool required is a Phillips head screwdriver.

Assembling the Frame

The first part of putting together the car bed is to attach the four wheels to the two side panels of the bed. The wheels line up into the groves molded into the panels, the hubcaps are placed over them and then they are secured in place with the screws.

The panels are then attached to each other starting with the left panel. Prop it against the wall for extra support. The rear panel is attached to its back end, while the front panel is attached to the front end. The right panel is then connected to the opposite ends of the rear and front panels. With every major part in place, screws are used to secure all of the connections. The screws have caps with loops for the screws to pass through, which will prevent the caps from falling off. This is just right to prevent little hands from prying these caps off and losing them somewhere in the room.

Support for the Mattress

The Little Tikes car beds are outfitted with two levels of support slots to insert the enclosed wood slats. The lowest level is to support a standard twin-size box spring and a mattress, while the upper level is for use with just the mattress and a flat support. For the box-spring method, the wood slats are inserted into the lowest level, snapping them into place. Place the box spring onto the wooden slats, and then place the mattress on top.

For the mattress method, use either a bunkbed support board or a piece of plywood at least ¾-inches thick cut to a 3-feet by 6-feet piece. Place the board onto the wood slats, and then place the mattress on top. Dress up the bed with car-themed sheets, blankets and pillows, and your young one will be ready to race off to sleep.

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