How to Assemble Europa Cribs

You want only the best for your new little bundle of joy. Making sure he or she has a safe and comfortable place to sleep is key to keeping your little one healthy. Many children will use a crib from the day they are brought home from the hospital until they are toddlers. When you are shopping for a baby crib, try to find one that is safe and durable. Once you have found the right crib, it's time to carefully put it together.

Assemble your baby's Europa crib with care.


Step 1

Open the box containing your new Europa crib. Take an inventory of the included pieces and hardware to ensure everything is included. If you are missing pieces, go back to the store and retrieve them before you start putting the crib together.

Step 2

Install the side support rail hardware. If any of this hardware was pre-installed, test it to ensure it is properly attached and secure. When this hardware is installed, separate the crib pieces -- headboard, footboard and sideboards.

Step 3

Place the headboard against the wall where the crib will be placed. Ask someone to help you attach the side support rails to the headboard and footboard. Your partner can hold the side support board up while you install the hardware. When one side rail is attached, repeat the process on the other side.

Step 4

Install the mattress board in the crib. If you want the mattress close to the top of the crib, place the mattress board at the highest level. This level is appropriate for your newborn, but you may want to adjust the mattress height as your child grows as children can fall out of the crib when they are able to pull themselves up.

Step 5

Hold a slatted side rail next to the crib so the hardware on the side rail is lined up to the hardware on the headboards and footboards. Attach the side rail hardware immediately above the hardware on the crib. Squeeze handles on each side of the rail to drop the side rail hardware in the crib. Slide the rail down until the hardware clicks and locks, then repeat on the other side of the crib. At this point, you should be able to push or lift the rail to move it.

Step 6

Place the mattress in the crib and push it down to lay flat. Put sheets on the mattress tightly to reduce choking hazards for your baby. Place a comforter on top of the sheets and attach a mobile to the side of the crib if you wish.