How to Convert a Letter-Size File Drawer to Legal

File cabinets are essential to an organized office. Often, an office needs the use of both letter- and legal-sized file drawers to accommodate a variety of paperwork. File drawers are built and equipped to perform both functions easily.

File cabinets for etter office organization.

Step 1

Remove the files in the letter-sized file drawer.

Step 2

Install hanging rails at the front and back of the file drawer. Hanging rails slide on to existing file drawer walls. The new hang rails, which are the width of the drawer, will cross the drawer and your files will hang facing the side of the drawer, rather than facing front as they did for letter-sized files. Despite the name legal-sized, the hanging rails are sized to fit the width of your drawer, not the size of the file. The hanging rails are not adjustable. If your drawer does not have walls at the height for hanging files, a metal adjustable hanging file frame can be set inside the drawer to accommodate legal-sized files.

Step 3

Hang your files in the drawer on the new hanging rails.