How to Make a Chandelier Out of Deer Antlers

Antler chandeliers are a natural way to decorate your home. Male deer grow and shed their antlers each year; which means that an antler chandelier can be made without hurting the male deer. Use as many lights as you want in this easy-to-make antler chandelier.

Making an Antler Chandelier

Step 1

Buy a chandelier lighting kit, which will be used for wiring the chandelier. Make sure you have enough light bulb adapters.

Step 2

Get antlers. You can buy these or get them from a deer you've killed. The antlers need to be the same size.

Step 3

Clean the antlers thoroughly. Use an oil soap and clean the outside and inside of the antlers with a cloth.

Step 4

Drill one hole into the tip of the antlers. This will be the point used to hold the light bulb and adapter.

Step 5

Using a brush, coat the antlers with polyurethane. Allow the antlers to dry thoroughly. Repeat as desired. This will increase the durability of the antlers.

Step 6

Take apart the bought chandelier. You need only the base structure, as you will assemble the antlers to the chandelier.

Step 7

Connect the bases of the antlers. The antlers can be on a flat surface while doing this for easier connecting. Then drill holes into the sides of the antlers.

Step 8

Run wire through the holes using your hands. This will make a circle of antlers, which is needed to create a chandelier. Tighten the wires and then solder them together. For extra strength, you can attach screws into the antlers.