How to Remove the Cloudy Finish on a Dining Room Table

Your dining room table is not only a gathering place for your friends and family, but it also represents a significant investment in furniture. Over time, a cloudy or waxy substance can build up on the surface of your dining room table, creating a less than appealing look. You will need a few items to remove this buildup and restore your dining room table to its formerly glorious condition.

Over time, the glossy finish on your fine dining room table can turn cloudy.

Step 1

Clear the top of your dining room of any clutter that may be sitting on it.

Step 2

Plug the clothes iron into an electrical outlet near your dining room table. Allow it to heat until warm, but not hot, before moving onto the next step.

Step 3

Lay the large square of linen cloth flat on the table top.

Step 4

Test a small area of the cloth with the clothes iron. Iron the cloth, allowing for several sweeps and passes with the iron. Check underneath the linen cloth. Notice the cloudy buildup condition. If it is lessening and there is no damage to the surface of the wood, continue ironing the linen cloth on top of the wood until you have covered the entire surface of the dining room table.

Step 5

Follow up with a light polish, or other wood furniture conditioner as desired.