How to Build a Diamond Wine Rack

A diamond wine rack adds a nice touch of class to any room and can easily be accomplished using a regular bookshelf that you may already have. If you have access to a table saw or a circular saw and a drill, you can build you own in a couple of hours, depending on how handy you are. These directions use a three-shelf bookcase.

Diamond-shelved wine rack

Step 1

Measure your book shelf's width and divide it by three or four to come close to having 1-foot sections. Measure the height between the shelves on your bookcase. Cut the number of approximate 1-foot sections you measured by the height. Do this for the middle shelf as well.

Step 2

Secure the pieces into the bottom shelf spaced evenly apart straight up and down, using two L-brackets on either side, top and bottom. Do the same for the middle shelf. You should now have a cubed shelf.

Step 3

Measure the distance diagonally from the bottom of the cube to the top and reduce it by 1 inch. Cut one piece for each of the cubes you have. Slide them in diagonally in the cube. There is no need to screw them in as they cannot fall out unless the shelf is tipped over.

Step 4

Finish the surface as you like to match your room. Add the wine bottles and display proudly.

Heide Braley

Maryland resident Heide Braley is a professional writer who contributes to a variety of websites. She has focused more than 10 years of research on botanical and garden articles and was awarded a membership to the Society of Professional Journalists. Braley has studied at Pennsylvania State University and Villanova University.