How to Repair Vinyl Sofa

While a vinyl sofa is a cost effective alternative to leather, it is typically not as durable. This leaves the fabric very susceptible to incurring holes and tears. When this happens, you have three options, live with the damage, purchase a new sofa or repair the hole. While large holes are generally irreparable, smaller ones can be fixed using an inexpensive and easy technique. A visit to the craft store, some vinyl adhesive and few minutes of time are all that is needed to undertake this simple project.

Step 1

Cut the around the hole to make a small circle. Be sure the edges are even

Step 2

Find a piece of vinyl fabric that is the same color and texture as your sofa and large enough to fit over the entire hole.

Step 3

Carefully push vinyl fabric through hole. Take care not to create an even larger hole.

Step 4

Place finger in hole and carefully smooth the fabric patch so that it is perfectly flat under the hole.

Step 5

Read instructions on adhesive bottle.

Step 6

Apply a small bead of adhesive around the inside edge of the hole. Cover the entire perimeter with the adhesive.

Step 7

Form a gapless seal between the fabric on the sofa and the vinyl patch by pressing them together tightly.

Step 8

Wipe away an excess adhesive.

Step 9

Allow adhesive to cure for at least 24 hours before using the repaired section of sofa.