How to Separate a Sectional Sofa and Use It to Arrange a Room

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Things You'll Need

  • Wrench

  • Screwdriver

  • Pillows

Sectional sofas are usually designed to be easily rearranged.

Sectional sofas are great when purchased for a particular room of your home. However, with many people moving and downsizing, that sectional sofa might not fit into your new living space's decor. One creative solution is to take the individual pieces apart and use each one as a separate component in your home.

Step 1

Unfasten the furniture pieces. The way that you do this will depend on the model. Some sofa pieces will simply slide apart, others will have screws holding the pieces together, while others will have bolts. Typically, the simplest separation is at the corner. After you've separated the first piece, flip the remaining sectional onto its back and look for how the other pieces come apart.

Step 2

Utilize the largest part of the sofa as your couch. Place it at the primary furnishing position in the room.

Step 3

Use the next largest piece as a loveseat. Place it in close proximity to the couch if you have space. If you do not have space, use the loveseat in a nearby room to establish a common decor throughout your home.

Step 4

Position small individual pieces at an angle in corners of the room. Use plush pillows on these pieces to give the small chairs an individual and modern look.


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