How to Fold Down a Futon

Futons are versatile pieces of furniture that serve multiple purposes. When folded up, the futon serves as a couch providing additional seating. When folded down, the futon transforms into a bed. Because of their low cost and dual functionality, they are popular furniture choices for college dorm rooms, game rooms and dens. Folding down a futon is a quick task that requires nothing more than a little extra floor space to accomplish.

Man reclining against futon at home
credit: Jupiterimages/ Images

Step 1

Pull the futon out away from the walls and any other furniture.

Step 2

Walk around to the back of the futon and grasp the top of the frame with your hands. Some people find it easier to place both hands in the middle of the frame. Others space their hands apart with one hand on other side of the back near the ends of the futon.

Step 3

Lift upward on the back of the futon until you feel it unlock. You usually only have to lift the back approximately 1 to 2 inches to unlock it.

Step 4

Walk backward while lowering your hands to lower the back of the futon towards the floor. Continue lowering it until the back is flat and will no longer move.

Step 5

Locate the legs that are folded up into the back of the futon and lower them to the ground to stabilize the futon.

Step 6

Adjust the mattress on the futon frame so that it is centered.