How to Fix a Dry & Cracked Leather Couch

Buying a couch from a secondhand store can save you a lot of money compared to the cost of purchasing a new leather couch. However, the condition of a used couch may leave something to be desired. Older leather has a tendency to dry out and can even crack if the leather shrinks due to lack of suppleness. By using the correct leather products, a leather couch that is in rough shape can be given a new lease on life.

A dry, cracked leather couch can be restored using the right materials.


Step 1

Prepare the couch by removing any filth from the outside using leather cleaner and a soft cloth.

Step 2

Rub down the leather with a soft-bristled brush to loosen caked-on grime.

Step 3

Wipe down the couch with a second cloth to remove any remaining cleaner and debris.


Step 4

Dab leather bonder/filler over any cracks in the surface of the leather. This will create a smooth surface and restore the original line of the piece.

Step 5

Dry the wet bonder/filler by using the heated air from a hairdryer.

Step 6

Create a barrier that will encase the bonded areas on the leather by applying a spray-on product such as leather sealer. Allow to dry fully before attempting to condition the couch.


Step 7

Squirt leather conditioner onto the surface of the couch and massage the conditioner into the entire couch, even the parts that don't look that dry.

Step 8

Clean off the extra conditioner that hasn't been absorbed into the exterior upholstery with smooth, long strokes with a dry cloth.

Step 9

Recondition the couch every three to six months, making sure to clean the surface first. This will remove corrosive oils from the leather and replenish the natural plumpness of the leather, preventing the couch from getting dried out again.