How to Tighten a La-Z-Boy Recliner Back

The La-Z-Boy company created its first recliner in 1928, according to the company's website. Since then, it has expanded its offerings to include both traditional recliners as well as more modern designs that also have the elevated foot-rest feature. La-Z-Boy recliners have a folding back design and locking mechanisms that allow owners to more easily transport them. However, the locks can loosen, resulting in a wobbly recliner. Tightening up the back takes only a short period of time.

Step 1

Tilt the La-Z-Boy recliner forward until the lower feet or gliders are completely off the floor.

Step 2

Examine the back fabric of the recliner to determine if it has a single long flap, which you simply lift up and over the top portion of the head rest. Some recliners do not have a fabric backing.

Step 3

Look at the left side of the chair back to locate a black rail near the base of the back. Examine it closely to locate a small lever emerging from the rail. If you see this lever, the locking mechanism is not engaged, resulting in the loose recliner back.

Step 4

Insert a slotted screwdriver into the rail and push in on the lever to push it into the back of the chair, thus locking it.

Step 5

Examine the black rail on the right side of the La-Z-Boy recliner back to determine if the locking mechanism is engaged. If it is not engaged, lock it in the same manner you used on the left one.

Step 6

Lower the upper fabric flap, if applicable, and then lean the recliner back into an upright position.

Step 7

Grasp either side of the back with your hands and shake it to ensure it no longer moves.