How to Lube Rocker Recliner Chair Springs

Rocker recliners provide comfort while allowing the user to rock back and forth. Although rocker recliners are constructed to last for many years, they do develop squeaks fairly frequently. The squeaking sound is produced by the chair spring rubbing against one of the other metal components of the chair. Not only is the sound annoying, but the friction caused by the rubbing can deteriorate the spring. Luckily, there is a very simple way to stop the squeak.

Step 1

Have one person grasp one side of the rocker recliner while the other person grasps the other side. Lean the chair forward until the neck rest touches the floor and the bottom of the chair is exposed.

Step 2

Kneel on the floor and look at the underside of the rocker recliner to locate where the squeak is coming from. Look for the chair springs located on either side of the chair. Identify a nearby metal component that has visible wear such as a scrape or black rub marks.

Step 3

Apply a lubricating spray directly to the spring and the metal components.

Step 4

Use a cloth to wipe away any excess lubricant that drips onto other components of the rocker recliner.

Step 5

Allow the rocker recliner to sit untouched for 10 to 15 minutes. Wipe away any excess drips.

Step 6

Return the rocker recliner to an upright position.