What Is a Glider Recliner?

The reclining chair is a staple piece of furniture in many living rooms, but not all recliners are created equal. Whether you're looking for a place to watch television, snuggle up with a book or rock a baby to sleep, the gentle motion and swivel features of most gliding recliners could offer the comfort and convenience you're looking for.

Glider recliners come in a variety of styles to match your current furnishings.

Glider Recliner vs. Other recliners

Most traditional recliners simply allow you to move the seat back up or down, while rocking recliners rock back and forth along an arched path, similar to a rocking chair. Glider recliners, on the other hand, move forward and backward on a linear path and usually come with a swiveling feature, so you can easily rotate the entire chair around.

Benefits of Glider Recliners

The gentle back and forth movement of a glider recliner makes it a suitable choice as a living room chair for reading, watching television or relaxing with the family. If you have a baby or young child in your home, placing a glider recliner next to the crib provides the repetitive motion to help your baby fall asleep without you having to walk around the house or rock your own body back and forth.


As with traditional recliners, glider recliners are generally larger than a normal chair. You'll want to find a space with plenty of room around the chair to take full advantage of the rocking motion as well as the swivel feature. Measure the area of the space where you'd like to put your recliner before heading to the store, including any space for the foot rest that usually comes with glider recliners.

Choosing the Best Glider Recliner for Your Home

Glider recliners come in a range of styles, sizes and quality, so shop around before you settle on your final purchase. When you're out shopping, try out the recliner if possible. Rock it back and forth and swivel it around, checking for a smooth movement. Choose the color and upholstery material of the recliner based on its intended use and location in your home. For example, a black leather glider will give a home office a more professional look, while a recliner with patterned or colorful cotton upholstery would be better suited for a bedroom or living room.