How to Build Wall-Mounted Bookshelves

How to Build Wall-Mounted Bookshelves. You have a couple of options when making wall-mounted bookshelves. You can build a box-style shelf and mount it to the wall, or you can make a shelf that has no visible means of support for a clean and classic look.

Box Shelving

Step 1

Decide how big you want the box shelf to be. Work in full numbers if you're new to woodworking. For a simple shelf, use two pieces of wood cut to 2 feet wide and 4 feet long.

Step 2

Add two end pieces that are 2 feet square and use glue and screws to secure them together.

Step 3

Cut a section of plywood and attach it to the frame with screws. Screw through the back so the screws won't show. Screw through the back into studs for a simple wall mounted shelf.

Step 4

Add any embellishments you like to the shelf by using crown molding, paint or stain to enhance its appearance.

Suspended Wall Shelving

Step 5

Build a hollow box. Make it as wide and long as you like and use glue and screws to secure it together.

Step 6

Attach a length of board cut to fit the hollow of the box you built in Step 1. Screw them into the studs at an angle. The appearance of this won't matter, as it won't be seen.

Step 7

Slide the box over the wood attached to the stud and screw it into place from the bottom.

Step 8

Countersink the screws and fill them with wood putty. Touch up the paint or stain once the putty is dry.

Step 9

Embellish your wall mounted bookshelf with crown molding, dental molding, or by routing the edges for a more decorative look.