Assembly Instructions for Sauder Bookcases

Sauder Woodworking is a quality ready-to-assemble furniture retailer that has been around since 1934. Based out of Ohio, it sells its furniture in retail stores nationwide. Sauder takes pride in producing strong and easy-to-build furniture, including bookcases. The company produces a variety of different bookcase styles; however, each is assembled in much the same way. Sauder makes its bookcases out of solid wood with a birch veneer. According to the company, these bookcases are stable and last many years.

Step 1

Open the bookcase frame and stand it up. Slide the bottom shelf into the frame. Line up the shelf's side hooks with the frame's brackets. Push the shelf down as far as it goes. Install the second shelf in the same way.

Step 2

Push a supplied wooden dowel into the three holes in the frame's top edge. Lower the top shelf onto the frame. Line up the holes in the shelf's bottom with the wooden dowels and push the shelf firmly in place.

Step 3

Reach inside the bookcase frame and push a retaining pin into the four holes in the top shelf's inner edge. Use a hammer to gently tap the pins in place.

Step 4

Install the bookcase's doors, if necessary. Not all Sauder bookcases come with doors. If your bookcase does, line up the door's hinges with the frame's hinges. Push the door's hinge down onto the frame's hinge to lock the doors in place. Place the knob's screw into the predrilled hole and turn the knob until it is tight.

Step 5

Push the supplied shelf pins into the holes in the frame's inner sides. Ensure that the pins line up so the shelf is level. Use a hammer to gently tap the pins into the holes as far as possible.

Step 6

Insert the shelves into the bookcase frame and lower them onto the shelf pins. Move the bookcase to its permanent location. Set a level on the bookcase's top. Use your fingers to turn the floor levelers, either clockwise or counterclockwise, until the level indicates the bookcase sits straight. The floor levelers are located on the bottom of the bookcase's legs.