How to Make a Headboard

How to Make a Headboard. Many people love the look of headboards but don't have the funds to buy a brand-new bed. Luckily, all you need is a few hours and a handful of supplies to make a headboard that will really turn heads. So get your tape measure out and start designing.

Step 1

Decide on your design. The sky's the limit when it comes to making your own headboard. You can make it big and bold or simple and understated. Cut out a rough draft on a piece of cardboard and tape it to the wall to see how it will look once it's completed. Make it large enough to be seen behind pillows and other accessories. This is also the time to think about fabric choices. Consider wall colorings and bedding when picking out a complementary fabric.

Step 2

Cut your plywood to size. Most home improvement stores can cut the wood for you if you have the measurements. If you want a curve or other shape in the wood, you'll have to do the specialty cuts with your saw. Smooth out the edges by running your sandpaper over the edges.

Step 3

Attach the upholstery foam. The next step is to create the padding for your headboard. Cut your foam in the same shape as your headboard, making it about an inch longer on all sides. Attach it to the plywood with a staple gun. Spray adhesive also works.

Step 4

Add the batting. Cut your batting to size, making it about six inches longer on all sides. Then wrap the batting over the plywood and foam, and staple it to the back of the headboard. Try to do this as neatly as possible, but keep in mind that most people never see the backside of the headboard.

Step 5

Iron your fabric so that there are no wrinkles or creases. Then cut the fabric to size, leaving at least five inches all the way around. Then beginning at the top, wrap the fabric around the headboard and secure it to the back with your staple gun. Continue until the entire piece of fabric is secured, pulling the fabric taut each time.