The Size of an Extended Full Bed

Extended full beds, also called full extra long beds, offer more length than a standard full size bed. Although the width is the same, people who need more foot room will have 5 inches more than a regular full size bed. The bedding used is different than the full size bedding. In addition, there are pros and cons to owning an extended full bed.

Bed Size

Extended full size beds are 54 x 80 inches. You will have more length, but the width is the same as a regular full size bed. A regular full size mattress is 54 x 75 inches. The length is the same as a queen size and twin extra long bed.


Fitted sheets for an extra long full size bed are 54 x 80 inches. The pillowcases are 21 x 30 inches, which fits a queen size pillow. The flat sheet is 81 x 100 inches. The pocket size of a sheet set is measured to fit the thickness of the mattress. A bed sheet set with a 15-inch pocket will fit a mattress up to 18 inches thick.


Taller people who need the extra length from a queen or king size bed will have the needed length of an extended full size bed. Although the bed length is longer, the mattress is still small enough to fit in smaller rooms, more so than a queen size bed. A single person will have 54 inches of sleep space. A full/queen size comforter will fit the extended full size bed.


The sheets for a full extra long bed mattress are harder to find in a retail store but can be ordered online at many retail stores. The costs of the sheets are a little more than the cost of a full set of bed sheets. If you have areas in your home that have tight corners, you might find the length of the bed a little too large to fit in tight corners.