How to Hang Curtains on a Canopy Bed

Hanging curtains on a canopy bed creates an ethereal and romantic bedroom setting. Kids love canopy beds with curtains because they form a hideout or private space. Canopy beds adapt to nearly any decorative style, from Victorian to modern. Hanging curtains on the canopy rails softens the look of the bed, creates a private "bed chamber" look, and adds an opportunity to display different color combinations in the room. Purchase premade curtains or make them from scratch.

Step 1

Press or steam the curtain panels to remove wrinkles.

Step 2

Set up the stepladder in the room where you can add the curtains to the preassembled canopy bed without completely disassembling the bed.

Step 3

Using a hex wrench or screwdriver, disassemble the canopy rails from the bed frame posts, one end at a time, one rail at a time.

Step 4

Slide the rod pocket of the curtain panel over one rail, sliding it all the way to the opposite end, still attached to the bedpost. Slide a second curtain panel's rod pocket over the rail, keeping the bulk of it near the open end.

Step 5

Reattach the rail containing two panel curtains to the bed post with the hex wrench or screwdriver before disassembling the next canopy rail. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all eight curtains are on all four canopy rails.

Step 6

Adjust the curtains to gather them into the four corners of the bed. Use tiebacks placed about halfway down the bed posts to gather the two curtains in each corner into one sweeping pool of fabric. Adjust the gathers at top for evenness, leaving space in the middle of each rail for openness.

Step 7

Wrap silk floral garland or strands of minilights around the canopy rails, disguising ends in the curtains and running cords down the bed post in the gathers of the curtains, if desired. Plug twinkle lights into a timer for a romantic nightlight effect.

Andrea Lott Haney

Andrea Lott Haney writes articles and training materials for food industry publications. Having studied foodservice sanitation, nutrition and menu planning at Purdue University, Lott Haney has more than 10 years of experience as a catering and event planner for luxury hotels and currently tours the Midwest as a corporate customer service trainer and consultant.