How to Move a Bed Up Spiral Staircases

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Do not fold a mattress, ever. This will damage the interior structure and ruin the mattress.

Do not cut the box spring in half to fit it up the staircase.

A spiral staircase can present a difficult problem for movers, and ideally you should measure your larger furniture before moving to make sure it will fit. If you have a bed that needs to get up to the top of a spiral staircase, learn a few maneuvers to make the process easier.

Step 1

Start with the box spring because this will most likely be the most difficult. Lay it over the open end of the staircase. Have a helper assist you in moving it upward. When you get to the top, you may need to stand it upright to get onto the landing.

Step 2

Stand the box spring upright if it does not fit over the edge of the rail and have your helper assist you in carrying it up. This could present a challenge in cramped spaces.

Step 3

If your queen bed is still too difficult to get up the spiral staircase, consider switching to a king, which comes with two box springs pushed together.

Step 4

Lay your mattress horizontally, and carry it up that way. You should be able to curve it gently to get it to fit around the center of the stairs.

Step 5

Look for a balcony. If one is available, it is possible that that the bed can be raised up with ropes, pulleys and lots of help.