The Average Futon Length

Like regular mattresses, futon mattresses are available in more than one size. The good part is that the futon versions are generally sized just like regular mattresses, meaning you can use your regular sheets and standard bed frames with a futon mattress of matching size.

Most Popular Sizes

Full Size

A full-size futon mattress is the most readily available size, measuring 54 inches wide and 75 inches long -- exactly the same as a full or double bed mattress.

This size of futon mattress is what's typically found on the sofa-style futons that fold down into a bed.

Queen Size

A queen-sized futon mattress is also a fairly common size, measuring 60 inches wide, 80 inches long, just like any other standard queen-sized mattress.

Some futon sofas use queen-sized futon mattresses; these are a bit wider than the full-sized futon sofa frames since the cushions are wider as well. If you're unsure about a size, ask the retailer or measure the mattress yourself to be sure.

Sheets For Futons

If you use the futon mattress for sleeping on a regular basis, covering the futon with helps protect both it and the futon cover already in place.

Regular fitted bed sheets designed for standard mattresses also fit on your futon mattress; a full-size sheet fits a full-size futon.