Can You Place a Feather Bed on Top of Memory Foam?

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Memory foam mattresses have become to go-to prescription by doctors for those with back pain or sleeping problems. The foam is structured in a way that, after a night, it will conform to the person's specific style of sleeping and relieve the person's pressure points. However, certain people don't realize they can't sleep well on these kinds of bed until after they've already spent a ton of money on it. Luckily, there's a fix.


Adding a Feather Bed on Top

A simple way to fix this is to purchase a small feather mattress and place it on top of the memory foam mattress. You want to buy one that's about four inches thick or so—you can purchase one at certain department stores for about $150 to $170—and simply place it on top of the memory foam.


The large positive is that you'll finally get a good night's sleep, but besides that your memory foam mattress will also last longer. Instead of being used as it's intended—by conforming to the bed user— the weight of the person will be a bit more spread out and extend the life of the bed.



One thing to keep in mind is that by using the feather mattress, you are keeping the memory foam from working. It is no longer contorting to your specific sleeping arrangement, meaning you are not getting the medicinal benefits of the foam. However, since actual sleep is pretty important when it comes to, well, sleeping, using the feather bed on top of the foam will be a net benefit.



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