Platform Bed Assembly Instructions

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Things You'll Need

  • Platform bed kit

  • Screwdriver or hex wrench


If the manufacturer's directions call for hammering, use a rubber drywall mallet to avoid marring the wood.

A platform bed supports the mattress on a set of slats, rather than on the rails of a traditional box design. These slats can support an unstructured mattress, like a futon, or hold up a standard mattress-and-box spring design. Platform beds tend to be simpler than some other models. Different designs will have different features, but the process for assembly remains similar from design to design. Set aside 30 to 60 minutes for this project.


Step 1

Clear the floor in the room where you will install the bed. This will make the assembly process much easier.

Step 2

Lean the headboard against the wall approximately where it will go when you're finished.

Step 3

Set one of the side rails in place against the mounting hole in the headboard. Attach it according to the instructions that came with your bed. This step varies widely, but usually involves using a screw or bolt that passes through the headboard and into the side rail, installed with a screwdriver or hex wrench. Some models have a mounting bracket to set the side rail inside.


Step 4

Repeat Step 3 to mount the other side rail to the headboard. You may want to use a block or other spacer to hold the rails level at the opposite ends.

Step 5

Set the footboard in place at the free ends of the side rails. Attach them to the footboard just as you did the at the headboard.

Step 6

Insert the center support rail, if your model includes one. Often, this will attach just like the side rails. In other cases, it will use a simpler method. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions if this isn't obvious or intuitive.

Step 7

Set the slats in place, running perpendicular to the rails. Secure them to the shelves in the side rails according to the manufacturer's instructions.



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