How to Add Height to a Bed

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If you have a bed that is too close to the floor, you do not need to purchase a new bed frame that places the mattress higher up. Instead, you can simply increase the height of your current frame. Raising the height of your current bed frame is as task you can do on your own, as long as you can safely lift each corner of the bed without injuring yourself.

Step 1

Determine how much height you want to add to the bed. For instance, if you want to raise the bed for storage purposes, measure the boxes or other items that you want to store under the bed to see how tall they are. Then measure the current space you have under the bed to see how much more space you need. This lets you know how much height you need to add.

Step 2

Visit a local home improvement or home supply store, such as Lowe's or Bed Bath and Beyond, to purchase some bed risers if you do not already have them. Sometimes people will add height to a bed with bricks or cinderblocks, which can suffice to raise a bed but are not as safe as using bed risers, as risers have lips to prevent a leg from slipping off. Bed risers are available in different heights, so select risers that meet your height needs.

Step 3

Lift each corner of your bed frame to put the legs of the bed into the risers. Some risers have enough space for the wheels, if you have a frame with wheels. If there is not enough space for the wheels, you must pull the wheels off. For frames with wheels, lock the wheels once you get all risers under the frame as a safety measure to prevent the frame from moving.


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