Select Comfort 5000 Ultra Series Assembly Instructions

Having a comfortable bed that both you and your partner can use is the key to getting a good night's sleep. The Select Comfort 5000 Ultra Series is a model of bed that has two separate sides that can be controlled independently, letting you choose a softness level for each side. Before you can climb into bed though, you must assemble it by inserting the air mattresses inside of the base and filling them with air.

Step 1

Connect the side rails together by inserting the end of the part labeled "A" into the receptors on the part labeled "B." Once the two side rails are complete, insert the "T" shaped pin into the opening where the two pieces for each side rail meet to secure them in place.

Step 2

Slide the end support beams into the top and bottom sides of the side rails to form a rectangle. Depending on the size of your bed, you may have one or more support beams to insert into the center of the frame. Slide these support beams into the brackets along the inside of the side rails.

Step 3

Slide the deck panels into place under the lip on top of the end and middle support beams. You may have up to four panels to slide into place depending on the size of your bed. Once the support decks are in place, slide the base cover over the entire base assembly.

Step 4

Place the mattress cover on top of the base and unzip it to reveal the inside. Place the four corner pieces of the mattress into each corner of the cover. Place the foam border walls into the corner pieces to form the edge of the mattress. Place the two air chambers inside of the cover with the tube connector facing the head of the bed.

Step 5

Place the firmness control system on the head of the bed and plug it into an open wall outlet. Slide the hose marked "L" into the hole on the left side and the hose marked "R" into the hole on the right side of the mattress cover. Connect the hoses to the connectors on each air chamber.

Step 6

Press the "Up" button on the remote control for the bed until it reaches 20 to inflate the air chambers. Once they are inflated, place the foam pad on top of the chambers and zip up the mattress cover.