How to Arrange 2 Twin Beds Into a Bahama Bed

A Bahama bed is a furniture set sold by custom upholstery and furniture manufacturer Twin's Upholstery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The twin Bahama bed is a set of two twin-size couches in an L-shape configuration and a table that fits over one of the couches at the corner. You can reconfigure the L-shaped sofa to form one larger bed, which is partially enclosed due to the backs and armrests of the couches, and the side table becomes a nightstand next to the bed.

Step 1

Remove the side table from the corner of the L-shaped couches. Place it out of your way.

Step 2

Remove the cushions from the backs of both sofa pieces and put them aside.

Step 3

Push the two sofa pieces together face-to-face, forming a double bed. The side armrests should meet.

Step 4

Make the bed with double bed linens and pillows.

Step 5

Place the side table next to the bed for a nightstand.