Substitute for Wheels on a Bed Frame

Wheels or casters on a bed frame serve a dual purpose of making the bed relatively easy to move and increasing its height. However, they may not be the best choice for tile or hardwood flooring.

Straight bed legs are an alternative to casters.

Replacing the Casters

Straight bed legs are an alternative to casters. These are available in different heights and of different materials, including wood and high density polyurethane. The weight of the bed is concentrated in just four small areas and make indentations in the carpet or wood floor. A solution to this is the use of bed feet. These consist of short tubes with a flat disk at the end which distribute the weight of the bed evenly across a larger area. Bed feet are particularly suitable for hardwood and tile floors.

Adding On

If it's important to keep the bed movable, then caster cups are an alternative. Caster cups are square receptacles made of plastic with an indention in the middle for the caster wheel. These cups keep the bed frame in place, allow the bed to be moved when needed and protect hard flooring from scratches.

Raising the Height

Bed risers can be used with casters or any alternative to raise the height of the bed. This gives additional storage space under the bed. Individually adjustable risers can compensate for uneven floors.