Can't See the Number on My Sleep Number Bed

Sleep Number beds by Select Comfort are high-tech inflatable beds connected to air pumps. They come with a remote control so that users can adjust the amount of air in the mattresses to achieve maximum comfort. The remote has a small screen that displays an individual's sleep number, which is something between 0 and 100. Sometimes, instead of displaying the number, the screen goes blank or displays an error message. Fortunately, this is easy to fix.

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Sleep Number beds look like ordinary beds but adjust to an individual's comfort needs with the push of a button.

Battery Issues

The likeliest problem is that your remote simply has no juice. This will happen because the remote is battery-operated. If you previously got a "Lo" message on the remote rather than your sleep number, that was your warning that your batteries were about to die. Batteries go into the back of the remote and can be replaced by sliding out the door of the battery compartment. Once new batteries are in, the remote should again begin displaying the sleep number.

Communication Issues

Instead of a number, you may see "Er" on the remote control. This indicates that the remote control is not communicating properly with the base unit. Check all connections. If the unit is connected to a surge protector, check that the protector is on. If any connections were loose, you'll need to resynchronize the remote to the pump unit. Unplug the system from the wall and plug it back in. Press any button on your remote. Press both up and down arrows at the same time and wait for the remote to "count" down to one from 10. When "C1" displays on the remote, release both arrows. Then press both buttons again and wait for the "1C" message to appear before releasing the buttons again. Your sleep number should now display again.

Air Hose Issues

Instead of seeing your sleep number, you may be seeing the setting for the other side of the bed. For instance, suppose your partner has his side of the bed set at 100 while you have your side set at a much softer 30. You know you're seeing your partner's sleep number because your side is way too firm, but his is way too soft. The culprit is likely that you got the left and right air hoses that go from the air pump to the inflatable chambers mixed up. Simply switch which air chambers they are connected to. Your sleep number should then display when you hit on the button on the remote corresponding with your side of the bed.

Getting Help

Some situations will necessitate calling Select Comfort for assistance. If your remote is still not displaying anything after you put new batteries in or the back light isn't functioning so you can't see your sleep number in the dark, you'll need a replacement remote. Call the Select Comfort customer service number at 888-484-9263.